Is Ayurvedic fertility treatment safe?

Yes it is, infact one of the most safest forms of fertility treatment.  Properly planned , investigation based, carefully monitored , complimented with regular reviews. These are a few points which make Ayurveda fertility treatments completely safe.

( purification procedures like panchkarma and complex ayurvedic medicines should be avoided, as there are so many rules and regulations required for their use )

Simple ayurvedic meditations may take time to cure but are then the safest modes of treatment.

How would i judge my progress during my ayurvedic fertility treatment?

You can judge your progress/ response simply by analysing your body .  Because correctly planned ayurvedic treatment works on your entire body systems focusing on the fertility aspects simultaneously.
Also in terms of modern perspective regular blood reports and ultrasound scans can be performed at appropriate stages to evaluate your progress .
So response is noted on terms of the improvement in symptoms as well as with improvement in your medical reports.

Are their strict diet or lifestyle instructions?

With simple ayurvedic treatment with medications, the instructions are simple to follow.
And these advises are also planned in accordance with today’s hectic lifestyle.
Keeping the entire process of Ayurvedic treatment as simple as possible.

Are Ayurvedic medicines bitter ?

Not all ayurvedic medicines are bitter, most of them however are easy to consume.
Vati( pills), capsules, sweet syrups are some forms which can be comfortably consumed.
Medications can be prescribed according to the needs / lifestyle of the patient.

Do I personally need to visit the doctor everytime for the my health review?

Not necessarily, most of the health updates/ reviews can be managed through phone calls, or messaging services.  

How can i make my treatment affordable?

Ayurvedic medication can planned on a monthly basis or on fortnight basis to make it affordable.
And you can  also hasten your recovery by obeying the instructions seriously thus saving you a lot of time and money.

Do i need to pay for every consultation?

No you need not to pay any additional consultation charges repeatedly. You can ask any number of questions/ queries to solve your doubts.

Can i use ayurveda with other systems of medicine together?

No its not advisable to do that because ayurveda medicines are natural, herbal in composition and using other medications along with the ayurvedic ones may reduce the efficacy of the ayurvedic ones.

So its better to avoid, however under certain circumstances, we may consider only after consulting the respective physicians.