Curing infertility “the ayurvedic way "

We treat imageWe treat imageWe treat image
  • Low AMH 
  • Premature ovarian failure ( POF ) 
  • Poor Ovarian Reserve ( POR ) 
  • Early Menopause 
  • High FSH
  • Small uterus / Hypoplastic uterus /
  •  Infantile uterus 
  • Small ovaries / ovaries atrophy 
  • Poor Egg Quality
  • Amenorrhea 
  • Fibroids
  • Adhesions
  • Endometriosis 
  • Adenomyosis 
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Fallopian tube blockage
  • Hydrosalpinx
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL)
  • Reasons of ivf failure 
  • Failed ivf cases
  • Implantation failure
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Azoospermia
  • Y chromosome microdeletions
  • Low sperm count 
  • Poor sperm motility 
  • Poor sperm morphology
  • Hydrocele
  • Varicocele
  • Post covid fertility issues 

Dr Uppal and his enthusiastic Team imageDr Uppal and his enthusiastic Team image
Dr Uppal's team with its distinctive approach to infertility works with utter devotion to treat infertile couples. It has enthusiastic, experienced and polished professionals who have deep ancestral knowledge of Ayurveda. 

It is the decades long hard work that we are successful in providing effective Authentic Ayurveda treatment which is undoubtedly safe. Our complete health approach of treatment has given maximum positive results. We promise to serve our patients with appropriate counseling and emotional support.

We are reliable and responsible for the fulfillment of your dreams as we are genuinely committed to our patients. Our Vision is focused and result oriented with assurance of patient's comfort.

It is known that 'Together we achieve more' and that's why Dr Uppal's Suntex Team has numerous achievements in its bag.

LORD DHANVANTARI has laid his divine hands on us and he showers his curable energies on our patients.
We take every case as a challenge and give our 100%, put best of our efforts to make it a successful fertility journey. 

We literally work day & night to find the perfect cure of your problem.

Our Founder  imageOur Founder  imageOur Founder  image
The foundation of SUNTEX AYURVEDIC CLINIC  was laid back in 1954 by our honourable physician Hakim Arjan Singh Uppal whose miraculous contributions to the field of Ayurvedic and Unani medicines gave the clinic its renowned name "CHAMATKAR HOUSE"

He was born in the year 1923 in Lahore. He led a prosperous life with his family until the partition of India which forced him to leave his home & all the wealth and move to India empty handed. Facing lot of difficulties he struggled, worked hard, day & night to be an established physician in India. He dedicated his whole life for the welfare of society.

He got registered in Ayurveda & Unani medicines from Tibbia College, Delhi in the year 1954. He was unmatched in the knowledge of Ayurveda & Unani medicines and became world famous with invention of his medicines

His selfless and untiring efforts in the treatment and promotion of Ayurveda had been widely acclaimed. He won many international honours and awards.
He was a medical journalist, an eminent writer & wrote editorials in various newspapers and magazines. 

He got expertise in the Treatment of infertility and reproductive disorders. He has many stories of success which includes many famous & prominent personalities from all fields. He also invented numerous herbal compositions for cause oriented male/female fertility issues. 

All his compositions are till date successfully & effectively used by Dr Uppal after modifications and refined research. His excellence in treatment of infertility is famous in western, European, MiddleEast & South-East Asian countries.
He personally toured Punjab, Haryana, Himachal for more than 20 years & treated numerous patients in northern states. He was a man of principles, logical ideologies & he is an idol for many people. 

The vast experience gathered by him is kept in undiluted form by Suntex Ayurvedic Clinic for generations came forth.

Our ayurvedic tradition image
  • Decades of ancestral traditions in Ayurveda are strongly linked to certain families. 

Here, the Uppal family has an ayurvedic tradition of more than three ancestral generations who practiced Ayurveda with all its pure essence.
With an aim to continue illustrious tradition of Ayurveda & to take it to the next level, "Dr Uppal" offers childless couples simple, harmless, highly effective &painless line of treatment.

Having years of expertise, we have adopted innovative methods to cure patients suffering from various ailments. 
But our experience & expertise holds strong in the field of Infertility.
In all these years, Dr Uppal has created a huge list of miracles.We believe that every individual is different so individualized treatment is a must in order to have the best opportunity for success in their fertility journey. 

Suntex carries the legacy of success in such hopeless cases of infertility which were even abandoned by renowned clinics. We are the 'Final Resort' for patients with all other fertility treatments failure.
We are treating Infertility with Ayurveda for the last 63 years when there were no artificial means of reproduction & till date plenty of patients who prefer to have their babies the natural way visit us.
Low AMH treatment in Ayurveda   image
Usually the patient’s concern is how to improve amh levels  naturally?

For that , we have to arrest or at least slow down follicular atresia as much as possible. By doing this the rate of depletion of the follicle pool of ovaries will be slowed down.

It is a well known fact that during each menstrual cycle, a good number of follicles are lost . We need to curb this ,apoptosis of cells (programmed cell death) 

It needs to be postponed. 

Various factors such as - tnf , cytokines, oxidative damage , nutritional deficiencies, androgen excess,  physical or mental stress , systemic illnesses  etc play a significant role in this process. 

Low amh treatment in Ayurveda should cater to all these factors simultaneously, thus providing us good results.

Customised ayurvedic preparations are required to treat multiple health issues in the human body and to primarily exert their 

anti- apoptotic effects.

Now the next question is 

What should we expect from low amh treatment -

The answer to this query is , 

The couple needs to decide that whether do they want to conceive through ivf or naturally?

For ivf large number of eggs are required, and for natural conception one healthy egg is required.

So we need to choose one way.

Number of egg or quality of egg.

Increase in amh ( number)or 

Healthy dominant follicle ( egg ) ie . eligible for natural conception,

After the decision is taken, we as ayurvedic physicians plan the herbs , their proportions, their potency ,their formulations, the way of use  etc in accordance with the patients needs.

There are no standard set of medications for ayurvedic treatment for low amh .

Some herbs may work miraculously for someone,  and the same set has no benefit on the other person . Thus the plan of medication varies from patient to patient. 



Years long research and experience of our team has made our medicines quickest in response. If the herbs are selected accurately , purified and blended perfectly,the formulation hits the bull’s eye giving fastest possible results

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Easy to follow customised diet charts complement our treatment and gives you surplus benefits. These are revised on regular basis as per the stage of the treatment.

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In a country like India, where infertility is still considered a Taboo, infertile couples need proper attention & support for encouragement and to deal with negative feelings which often become barrier in conceiving when trying for a baby. Counselling, emotional/moral support are crucial for managing the stress or the depression in these patients. Making patients comfortable is a real essential part of the treatment which we undoubtedly understand and follow. An open, trustful and confidential session of counselling makes the patient comfortable and also gives us an opportunity to explore in depth, details of the patient, his history, his relations and his mental state. Altogether it helps in dealing with the mental/emotional pressure which also affects the efficacy of the treatment.

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Is there any low amh treatment in Ayurveda?

Yes , there is low amh treatment in ayurveda. Amh is the marker of ovarian reserve and yes it is possible to increase low amh through ayurvedic medicines.

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Basics of menstruation

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This blog / article describes certain important facts on amh ( anti mullerian hormone ).

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This blog / article briefly describes the site and the stages of sperm production ( spermatogenesis)

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What is Semen ( shukra)?

Shukra as per ayurveda includes both the sperms as well as the secretions of the sex glands. Shukra ( semen ) is the essence of the majja dhatu ( bone marrow).

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How to improve Egg quality ?

We can improvise ayurvedic medicines to improve egg quality. According to ayurveda there are seven dhatus in human body . Each dhatu nourishes and transforms into the next dhatu in this chronological order.

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What is Ovarian reserve ?

Ovarian reserve denotes the size of the ovarian follicle pool .And also the quality of oocytes inside them . Amh is the clinical marker of this ovarian reserve.

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What is Amh ( anti mullerian hormone) ?

Amh (anti-mullerian hormone) is also known as mullerian inhibiting substance , and it plays a significant role in male sex differentiation. And also helps to judge the fertility potential of women.

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Is Ayurvedic fertility treatment safe?

Yes it is, infact one of the most safest forms of fertility treatment.  Properly planned , investigation based, carefully monitored , complimented with regular reviews. These are a few points which make Ayurveda fertility treatments completely safe.

( purification procedures like panchkarma and complex ayurvedic medicines should be avoided, as there are so many rules and regulations required for their use )

Simple ayurvedic meditations may take time to cure but are then the safest modes of treatment.

How would i judge my progress during my ayurvedic fertility treatment?

You can judge your progress/ response simply by analysing your body .  Because correctly planned ayurvedic treatment works on your entire body systems focusing on the fertility aspects simultaneously.
Also in terms of modern perspective regular blood reports and ultrasound scans can be performed at appropriate stages to evaluate your progress .
So response is noted on terms of the improvement in symptoms as well as with improvement in your medical reports.

Are their strict diet or lifestyle instructions?

With simple ayurvedic treatment with medications, the instructions are simple to follow.
And these advises are also planned in accordance with today’s hectic lifestyle.
Keeping the entire process of Ayurvedic treatment as simple as possible.

Are Ayurvedic medicines bitter ?

Not all ayurvedic medicines are bitter, most of them however are easy to consume.
Vati( pills), capsules, sweet syrups are some forms which can be comfortably consumed.
Medications can be prescribed according to the needs / lifestyle of the patient.

Do I personally need to visit the doctor everytime for the my health review?

Not necessarily, most of the health updates/ reviews can be managed through phone calls, or messaging services.  

How can i make my treatment affordable?

Ayurvedic medication can planned on a monthly basis or on fortnight basis to make it affordable.
And you can  also hasten your recovery by obeying the instructions seriously thus saving you a lot of time and money.

Do i need to pay for every consultation?

No you need not to pay any additional consultation charges repeatedly. You can ask any number of questions/ queries to solve your doubts.

Can i use ayurveda with other systems of medicine together?

No its not advisable to do that because ayurveda medicines are natural, herbal in composition and using other medications along with the ayurvedic ones may reduce the efficacy of the ayurvedic ones.

So its better to avoid, however under certain circumstances, we may consider only after consulting the respective physicians.

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