Human body is the most evolved on earth and hence to acknowledge the complexities in its functioning is a strenous job. 

The two aspects of health are mental and physical.Both are interdependent and both need to be catered at the same time.

Even in ayurveda , the importance of MANSIK VYADHIYAN(mental disorders) and LAKSHANA(mental symptoms) is mentioned.

It hashas been ellaborated that how mental health affects physical health.

Mental health medicines , diet and routine are vastly described in ayurveda .
There will be no benefits of the treatment if only the disease is treated.


Overall body health is essential in treatment of any disorder.As all the systems respiratory, digestive , endocrine,circulatory and nervous are inter related, it is the symptoms which indicate which system needs to be tackled to ensure universal health.

Understanding the patient as a person and dealing with him in a friendly way provides  utmost comfort to the patient.

Ample time is given to the queries and patient satisfaction is assured. Details of their relationships as a couple or at their workplace or at home are thoroughly discussed to recognise their psychological wellbeing. 

We also diagnose the mental constitution of the patient according to their MANSIK GUNA
 i.e satva , raja , tamas.

They can be referred as mental qualities of the patient. Out of these three raja and tamas are also known as MENTAL DOSHAS or impurities.

These two can contribute to imbalance the satva and mask its characters.

If there is imbalance in these three gunas then there can be a mental symptom or disorder.

Satvik guna is related to knowledge or wisdom.Raja guna expresses itself as active mind and thinking.

But if it is imbalanced then the activities of the mind will increase.Person will be hyper emotional like angry , impatient, anxious , stressed.

Tamas guna calms the mind when balanced but it creates lethargy of thoughts , lazyness or depressed when imbalanced .

Similarly we categorize patients according to tridoshas(vata, pitta, kapha) after thoroughly studying  their nature, likes- dislikes, routine, eating habits and most importantly symptoms.