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  • Decades of ancestral traditions in Ayurveda are strongly linked to certain families. 

Here, the Uppal family has an ayurvedic tradition of more than three ancestral generations who practiced Ayurveda with all its pure essence.
With an aim to continue illustrious tradition of Ayurveda & to take it to the next level, "Dr Uppal" offers childless couples simple, harmless, highly effective &painless line of treatment.

Having years of expertise, we have adopted innovative methods to cure patients suffering from various ailments. 
But our experience & expertise holds strong in the field of Infertility.
In all these years, Dr Uppal has created a huge list of miracles.We believe that every individual is different so individualized treatment is a must in order to have the best opportunity for success in their fertility journey. 

Suntex carries the legacy of success in such hopeless cases of infertility which were even abandoned by renowned clinics. We are the 'Final Resort' for patients with all other fertility treatments failure.
We are treating Infertility with Ayurveda for the last 63 years when there were no artificial means of reproduction & till date plenty of patients who prefer to have their babies the natural way visit us.