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The foundation of SUNTEX AYURVEDIC CLINIC  was laid back in 1954 by our honourable physician Hakim Arjan Singh Uppal whose miraculous contributions to the field of Ayurvedic and Unani medicines gave the clinic its renowned name "CHAMATKAR HOUSE"

He was born in the year 1923 in Lahore. He led a prosperous life with his family until the partition of India which forced him to leave his home & all the wealth and move to India empty handed. Facing lot of difficulties he struggled, worked hard, day & night to be an established physician in India. He dedicated his whole life for the welfare of society.

He got registered in Ayurveda & Unani medicines from Tibbia College, Delhi in the year 1954. He was unmatched in the knowledge of Ayurveda & Unani medicines and became world famous with invention of his medicines

His selfless and untiring efforts in the treatment and promotion of Ayurveda had been widely acclaimed. He won many international honours and awards.
He was a medical journalist, an eminent writer & wrote editorials in various newspapers and magazines. 

He got expertise in the Treatment of infertility and reproductive disorders. He has many stories of success which includes many famous & prominent personalities from all fields. He also invented numerous herbal compositions for cause oriented male/female fertility issues. 

All his compositions are till date successfully & effectively used by Dr Uppal after modifications and refined research. His excellence in treatment of infertility is famous in western, European, MiddleEast & South-East Asian countries.
He personally toured Punjab, Haryana, Himachal for more than 20 years & treated numerous patients in northern states. He was a man of principles, logical ideologies & he is an idol for many people. 

The vast experience gathered by him is kept in undiluted form by Suntex Ayurvedic Clinic for generations came forth.