Low AMH treatment in Ayurveda   image
Usually the patient’s concern is how to improve amh levels  naturally?

For that , we have to arrest or at least slow down follicular atresia as much as possible. By doing this the rate of depletion of the follicle pool of ovaries will be slowed down.

It is a well known fact that during each menstrual cycle, a good number of follicles are lost . We need to curb this ,apoptosis of cells (programmed cell death) 

It needs to be postponed. 

Various factors such as - tnf , cytokines, oxidative damage , nutritional deficiencies, androgen excess,  physical or mental stress , systemic illnesses  etc play a significant role in this process. 

Low amh treatment in Ayurveda should cater to all these factors simultaneously, thus providing us good results.

Customised ayurvedic preparations are required to treat multiple health issues in the human body and to primarily exert their 

anti- apoptotic effects.

Now the next question is 

What should we expect from low amh treatment -

The answer to this query is , 

The couple needs to decide that whether do they want to conceive through ivf or naturally?

For ivf large number of eggs are required, and for natural conception one healthy egg is required.

So we need to choose one way.

Number of egg or quality of egg.

Increase in amh ( number)or 

Healthy dominant follicle ( egg ) ie . eligible for natural conception,

After the decision is taken, we as ayurvedic physicians plan the herbs , their proportions, their potency ,their formulations, the way of use  etc in accordance with the patients needs.

There are no standard set of medications for ayurvedic treatment for low amh .

Some herbs may work miraculously for someone,  and the same set has no benefit on the other person . Thus the plan of medication varies from patient to patient.