20 Aug

What is semen and How semen is produced as per ayurveda ?

Shukra ( semen )  is formed as an essence of the majja(bone marrow).

It oozes out from the fine pores of the bones just as water leaks out from a new earthen pot.

Movement of shukra ie . Semen is initiated by sexual desire, thoughts or due to actual friction caused by coitus, masturbation etc.

Shukra as per ayurveda includes both the sperms as well as the secretions of the sex glands.

As per modern science 

Testis are divided into microscopic units called as seminiferous tubules.

Spermatozoa are produced there in the following phases of development-


Primary spermatocyte

Secondary spermatocyte


Finally spermatozoa 

At time of ejaculation , the spermatozoa leave the seminiferous tubules, and become semen after mixing themselves in the secretions of the sex glands. 

How is Semen/shukra pervading all over the body ?

A child born ,acquires all of its characteristics from the sperm and ovum of his parents.

Just as we cannot see ghee ( butter)  which is present in an indistinguishable manner in milk, similarly shukra/ semen is present in an inconceivable manner in the whole body .

Now relating it to modern science we see that the potency of a man is not only from testosterone or sperms. It also depends upon the gonadotrophic hormones of the anterior pitutary which are present in blood , hence present throughout the body .

The testosterone secreted by interstitial cells of the testes will be in circulation throughout the body and is responsible for the maintenance of masculine features and thus the testosterone also can be considered as 

sarva sharir gat. ( ie. present throughout the body )

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