20 Jul

We can improvise ayurvedic medicines to improve egg quality in case of embryonic defects or chromosomal abnormalities.

There is currently no accurate test to judge egg quality. It is only after multiple early misscarriages or ivf failures that the poor egg quality is suspected.

Multiple factors are responsible for poor egg quality , such as

Genetic factors 



Nutritional deficiencies etc

According to ayurveda there are seven dhatus in human body . 

These are—


Ie. end product of digestion, blood , muscles, fat,bones, marrow, semen/reproductive tissue.

Ras dhatu is formed after the digestive juices act upon the food . 

This ras dhatu then nourishes/ forms the RAKT ( blood ).

Similarly RAKT nourishes the MAAS ( muscles, ligaments) and so on …

Each dhatu nourishes and transforms into the next dhatu in this chronological order.

The final dhatu which has the essence of all the previous dhatus is SHUKRA ( Sperms / eggs )

Now , group of herbs mentioned in the 

Rasayan, bhrihan, vridhi kar , dhatupaushtikar, groups help in selection of ayurvedic medicines to improve egg quality.

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