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The Shukra means semen in general and spermatozoa in particular .The semen is a collective secretion of seminiferous tubules ,epididymis,  seminal vesicles , prostate gland's and bulbourethral glands spermatozoa are produced in the testes .Each testis is covered by a musculocutaneous sac - the scrotum .

The layers enveloping testis from outside to inwards are

1.Tunica vaginalis

2.Tunica vasculosa

3.Tunica albugenia 

The Testes is divided into small microscopic units call seminiferous tubules .Spermatozoa are produced in the following phases of development and are seen in rows one after another from the periphery to lumen .

1)Spermatogonium - outer most Circle Of seminiferous tubules.  

2)primary spermatocyte 

3)secondary Spermatocyte 


5)spermatozoa - this is a fully matured reproductive cells of male.The heads of spermatozoa are seen to be attached to sertolli cells while they are in seminiferous tubules. 

 The tails of the spermatozoa are seen suspended in the lumen of the tubule so at the time of ejaculation the heads are detached the spermatozoa leave out the seminiferous tubules, Passthrough rete testis ,epididymis and vas deference .Just before they reach the prostatic part of the urethra the fluid of the seminal vesicle is added to the spermatozoa .both the secretions pass-through ejaculatory duct and enter the prostatic urethra.

The prostatic secretions and secretions of Bulbo urethral glands are added to the above secretion and the collection of all the secretions is the semen or shukra.

Male genitals organs are in the order

1.seminiferous tubules

2. rete testis


4.vas defference

5.Seminal vesicals

6.Ejaculatory duct

7.Prostatic part of urethra

8.Spongy and bulbous parts

The interstitial cells of seminiferous tubules secrete testosterone which is required for development  of secondary sexual characters, masculine development of the body,potency and haemopoisis.

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