10 Sep

Facts on AMH

1.Women with low AMH levels can conceive naturally. Although it takes time but it is not at all impossible to conceive .

2.AMH levels are quantitative of eggs not qualitative that is they tell about the quantity of eggs and give an idea about how long the eggs reserve will last or the age limit to conceive.

3.AMH Levels are affected by birth control pills . Birth control pills greatly disrupt the hormonal balance if consumed for longer period of time. Hence they can disturb AMH levels.

4.AMH levels show a dip after ovulation .

5.AMH levels are very sensitive and decreases quickly with ageing of ovaries.To determine the age of ovaries , AMH is the earliest marker which show changes in its levels. Other diagnostic tests like FSH show changes quite later after the ovaries age.

6.Ovulation Induction decreases AMH levels .As more number of follicles are stimulated to grow for ovulation at the same time in a single cycle ,the ovarian pool diminishes more as compared to natural cycles.

7.AMH levels are affected by body mass index. Greater the body mass index , lower the AMH levels.

8.It is said that AMH levels cannot be increased , but AYURVEDIC TREATMENT is found to reverse the process of ageing of ovaries and increase the AMH levels and also helps patients to conceive naturally on their own.

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