It is normal for people these days to raise the question 

“ Is Ayurveda effective?”

Indeed it is! It is miraculously effective. 

In ancient times sages and scholars learnt human anatomy,physiology, pathology , pharmacological actions of the herbs, preparation of the formulations with limited sources or advancements. 

But now with latest emerging scientific techniques and sources which aid in diagnosis of underlying conditions of the body, we can easily decipher the cause and course of the disease and can apply ayurveda.

A number of complex diseases have been cured successfully through Ayurveda.

Even a number of surgical conditions can be corrected without surgery in Ayurveda.

This is the efficacy and power of this pathy.

It treats you and gives you overall wellbeing without any side- effects.

Suntex clinic is known to treat a number of conditions causing Infertility like 

Hypolastic uterus, Azoospermia, Low AMH levels, Endometriosis, PCOD, Tubal blockage etc without any invasive diagnostic tests , procedures or surgeries.

How much time Ayurvedic medicines take to work?

It is well known that Ayurvedic medicines work steadily in order to treat the body from inside out. Years long research and experience of our team has made our medicines quickest in response.

We formulate your medicines taking care of your symptoms precisely.

Fresh, organic , high quality ingredients or herbs are chosen, purified, processed taking care of hygiene and in accordance with the ancient ayurvedic principles.

Allt this is done preserving the essence of the herbs.

All covid precautions are being taken during various stages of preparation. Masks ,gloves and face shields are used . Sanitized equipments, suitable conditions like proper temperature, 

sun exposure, well ventilated and humidity free rooms are maintained .

If the herbs are selected accurately , purified and blended perfectly,the formulation hits the bull’s eye giving fastest possible results. 

Why is it easy ayurveda?

Unlike other Ayurvedic preparations which are bitter or astringent in taste or difficult to consume like qwaths ( decoctions),Asava-arishta(fermented formulations),leham(lickable sauces), 

we formulate all our medicines in capsule or tablet form which are easy to consume.

Even if you are on the go,they can be carried comfortably .We dont perform panchkarma therapies as they are time consuming and uncomfortable for the patient. They are SHODHANA therapies which detox the body.

They are indeed effective but impractical if you are a working professional ,a bussinessman , a student or a homemaker .Such busy schedule demands treatment options which can easily fit in your routine without disturbing it.

Hence Shaman chikitsa which supress the doshas suits really well for this cause.